4 responses to “VOTED!”

  1. This is my tweetlog from the morning (not all of them… just the tweets about my personal voting experience):

    • My Brooklyn polling place is always empty. I’m often the only voter there. Today, line goes one person out the door.
    • About 80-100 voters at my Red Hook polling place. This neighborhood is something like 75% black, but these voters this AM are 95% white. 🙁
    • Almost there. I’m looking at that voting machine like a starving man rescued from a desert island, looking at a massive Thanksgiving dinner!
    • Voted! Wanted to savor the moment, but knowing there’s a long line I hurried out. Savoring will come later tonight!
  2. This is an old-style machine. Are they still using these somewhere? I liked them better than the connect the lines form we use in Wickenburg, AZ. I remember going into the booth with my mom when I was a kid and closing the curtain and the sound of the clicks. The machine wouldn’t let you vote incorrectly — you could only vote for the right number of people in each category. When you opened the curtain, the vote was filed away. I miss those old machines.

  3. 2006 was supposed to be the last year NYC was using these, but snags in their new-machine procurement process (involving, I think, a misbegotten consideration and testing of touchscreen machines) delayed the replacement. I love these machines, but they are massively error-prone.

  4. congratulations :).
    god speed in the coming years