If you’re in NYC this Thursday, you should come to see From Sketching to Experience, the first of Liz Danzico‘s Dot Dot Dot series of small, informal (and free) lectures. These lectures are the ramp-up to SVA’s new MFA in Interaction Design program. I’ll be one of the speakers this Thursday, and am also going to be on the SVA faculty as well when the program starts in 2009.

This lecture should be fun — four speakers from different backgrounds in a short-and-sweet presentation format. Please join us!

From the official site:

Crossword constructors sketch in pencil before ever laying a grid down, filmmakers rely on storyboards before ever picking up a camera, and cartoonists go pane by pane before designing a strip. Before interaction designers go high fidelity, sketches provide the method by which they communicate process, flow, layout — and importantly, story. Learn from four practitioners of divergent backgrounds how they practice sketching to get to their final product.

Join us for the first lecture to hear from:

Thursday, November 13
6-8PM (RSVP)
White Rabbit
145 E Houston Street (View Map)
New York


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  1. Thanks for posting — I hope to make it to the lecture.