12 responses to “The Wireframe”

  1. Idea conceived by me, Marcy Mayer, David Sleight, and Daniel LaTorre on the LES a few weeks ago.

    Full size image on Flickr.

  2. @xian: Lower East Side.

    @Khoi Vinh: By “groan” you of course mean “hilariously clever!”

  3. It’s all part of the game, yo.

  4. all rights reserved? boo… CC that mutha!

  5. @t.whid: Oops, looks like my Flickr settings aren’t what I thought they were. Fixed!

  6. Leaving a note because the instructions here say so. No other reason except I really want to see what happens when I push the “Leave this note” button.

  7. @askrom

  8. I love the logo, but what is the idea behind it, other than very beautiful wireframes. I think I recognize some of them too.

  9. @Mar: That is *amazing*. It really tells the whole tale. Epic.