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  1. Scientists say that a vibrating eyelid is typically the result of either not enough sleep (check), stress (check), or too much caffeine (check). I hope this photo illustrates why I’ve not posted in a while. I’ll catch up soon, I hope.

  2. Nice graphic effort. Looking at it makes me feel like I do when it happens to me, which is of course a completely non-visual experience.

  3. oh, i got that bad at my last real gig. the vibrating went on for weeks before a cyst developed under the lid and i had to have a tad bit of (painful) surgery to remove it.

    stress + lack of sleep.

    dude, time for a vaca.

  4. Haha! that is brilliant! I have always wondered why that happens.

    Maybe you can make your iSight camera to monitor your stress level at all times by judging the quiver of your eyelid through the day.

  5. oh yeah. I know that feeling. hope everything gets sorted soon!

  6. I once had twin VE for 2 weeks. Very annoying and completely distracting when you’re trying to do the work which is causing you stress in the first place.

  7. Weird that I should read this less than a day after my week-long bout with VE ended. Thank goodness it’s over!


  8. you include the trembling little fingers and the spasming of the upper-arm muscles too:)

    take care n rest well

  9. Dood,
    Absolutely hysterical. Simplicity speaks volumes…so sorry to laugh at your expense ๐Ÿ™‚ Just such a sublime self-portrait of weariness and malaise.

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  11. That is so creepy!

  12. Krish Avatar

    Yes. Lack of sleep triggers the eyelid vibrations for me. Need to get some good sleep.

    Thanks for the post

  13. creepy…very creepy. This pict scares me..Does anyone think that moomoo will die on the Sporanos? MOOMOO rules….she/he won’t die. vive le moomoo

  14. The twitching eyelid is very distracting,good to know what triggers it! I plan to get more sleep with the help of L-tryptohan!!!

  15. Samantha Harris Avatar
    Samantha Harris

    Thanks for stopping my imagination run wild… I had already self diagnosed all sorts of things. Great to know that there are other twitchers out there. Take it easy guys!!

  16. Kareez Avatar

    This would be my 3rd day experiencing this VE & I never had this thing before. I’m kinda worried cuz I’m a working mom, currently 6 mos. pregnant & planning to take a leave after 2 more months. I have this feeling that I need to take the leave earlier. : (

  17. I am an office worker, spend more than 9 hours a day in front of the computer moniror. I work 7 days a week. I have been facing this problem for the last 3 months. Eearlier I had this problem but not so persistenet. It use to come and go but now as I am working all days for the last one year, this problem is now more persistant. I therefore believe that this is maintly due to lack of sleep, lack of enough rest to your eyes, stress and looking at bright monitors for long hours.

  18. Thanks for the info. I was about to go to an ophthamologist with the worst possible imaginings. I may still go but not with the same fears. It is so difficult to read with the twitching or for me it’s more of a constant quivering. I have been serverely overworked starting in October non-stop til Chritmas and beyond. Now that I’ve read your info, I’m sure that’s what it is. Lack of sleep and stress. Thanks again. Love your pic. I really do feel ya.


  20. If you wanna stop it now then….sleep..:-)

  21. You’re not the only one… I just googled, and this page came up.

    According to the first response, I’m 3/3, so far…

  22. Oh, I reached at the right place after googling it. I am facing this problem for last 10 days. I am never interested going to a doctor. This information saves me ๐Ÿ™‚

    I normally don’t sleep unless I am not able to remain awake anymore. I work in office in front of two computer monitors all day. Then in the house, I watch movies in the night. Spend time in chatting and video-chatting in weekends, and more movies off-course.

    This thing is so irritating that, now I need to completely overhaul my lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™

  23. danial Avatar

    got this twitching thing…..weirdly…its happening every 5 minutes to my lower eyelid and its sideways….its eerie….

  24. Thanks for your information and the pic made more simple,last 15 days i was thinking wild about this,now i got a solution,thanks a lot


  25. Will it affect the performance of my sight in the future? Into what extent the problem may be?

    Before I had a suspicion that lack of sleep was the reason why I experiencing this vibration. And now I’m right. I used to work until midnight. I should make more sleep in the coming nights, it’s very hard that while you are working, there are some muscles that are moving in your body. By the way, thanks to this info. Love the pic, nice animation. hehe.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep

  26. Grt8 …….. thnx 4 d information

  27. Sridhar Avatar

    this is really good information , picture explanation is excellent,otherwise nobody will understand.
    I have the problem with left eye ,but i do sleep for about 7 hrs a day, is not sufficient? can any one help please

  28. ChandraSekar Avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I am also having this problem for one week. I was afraid. For the 3 weeks, i am not sleeping well and also i sit infront of computer for the whole day. Haha, Found the solution. I am going to have some sound sleep. Gud nt…………….
    Thanks for the Animation Picture and this Thread