What if Sergei Brin and Larry Page were actually evil? What if they were in reality sinister villains planning to take over the world, like Lex Luthor or Dr. Doom? If so, they’re certainly going about it with great efficiency, controlling all of the instruments we use to function in the information age: web search, desktop search, mapping, news, everybody’s desktops, every book ever written. And nobody suspects a thing!

Sure, many will say they already are evil — censoring pages in China, bundling the Google Toolbar with other apps, enabling countless spam and crime opportunities).

But others see only benevolence. And investors just adore them.

This would make a great action movie plot: A thinly-veiled Google-like company, started by two clever but immensely bitter and increasingly megalomaniacal college students, seeks to control the entire information economy, and thus rule the world!!!


2 responses to “Be Evil?”

  1. there was already a movie made about this… i forget the name but it was a thriller and i think it had that guy who used to be married to reese witherspoon… the guy from cruel intentions. and it was a movie about a company (at the time they mimicked microsoft) and some information that would be used to control the world. it was a B grade movie i think…

    anyway, had to add my two cents worth!



  2. Sounds like a great flick!