3 responses to “iPhone Microscopy”

  1. I bought a folding loup with 10x magnification recently, after reading from Mike Lee that the iPhone works nicely with photo loups as a makeshift microscope. But I also have a decent microscope that I just realized also produces nice images simply by holding the iPhone up to the eyepiece. This is the first one I took, but there will be more to come, definitely.

    This one is a 150x view of a bit of scab tissue I scratched off the back of my neck. Gross, I know. Future images may or may not be similarly unappetizing.

  2. Nice. Any chance you can hook these posts up to a separate feed? That ummm… isn’t included in this one?

    I just ate a granola bar that had little red pieces of strawberry in it. Sorta looked like your scab.

  3. Future images will likely not all be so, er, biological.