My Summer Vacation



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  1. Peggy and I don’t take a lot of real vacations. But when we do go away, we try to do lots of stuff. Visiting my parents in Vermont and on Cape Cod last week, we did tons of fun things in what amounted to only four or five real days:

    • Helped Mom adopt a kitten to fill the void left by the sudden recent demise of her beloved Tiggy.
    • Hung out at Mom’s office and met her cool co-workers.
    • Went sailing on Lake Whitingham with stepfather Mark — or rather extreme-sailing as the wind was intense and Mark is an aggressive skipper! Did some swimming, too.
    • Shopped for antiques in Vermont and got a kick-ass pitcher for our iced coffee and iced tea.
    • Shopped for antiques in Massachusetts and got a 1950’s opaque projector called the “Magnajector”.
    • Went whale watching in Provincetown and saw more whales, up close, than you can possibly imagine. We saw Salt, the most famous whale in the world (after Moby Dick).
    • Explored the lovely and crazy borough of Provincetown and had a great dinner with the folks.
    • Visited my little sister’s sleepover camp.
    • Went to my favorite bookstore on Earth, Parnassus Book Service in Yarmouthport, and found our long-missing Volume III (of XI), “Caeser and Christ”, from Will and Ariel Durant’s great series “The Story of Civilization“.
    • Drank mojitos and played with Gracie, the golden retriever.
    • Shopped for antiques in Connecticut and got a copy of The Whole Earth Catalog from a really cool old hippie.

    Flickr photo collection here, including tons of whale pictures.