Moleskin Reward: One Million Dollars



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  1. I lost a small Moleskine notebook about six months ago (graphed paper, of course). I’ve since replaced it, but the reward for its return is the same as for my current book: One Million Dollars.

    How many other Moleskine owners have the same reward?

  2. I always put “a case of wine”.

  3. I always put a hug.

  4. $50 + $.10/completed page. I do not have one million dollars.

  5. crap, i wish i had a moleskin. hope you find yours too:S

  6. I have “however much you want” written in my two moleskins.

    One of them is worth quite a bit to me, as a collection of ideas. The other is a collection of programming notes (short ‘cheat sheets’ on languages I don’t use regularly, gotchas in various APIs and frameworks, paragraphs of hatred towards MSDN, etc), which is worth quite a bit but not too devastating if lost.

    I really haven’t though too much about how much I would be willing to pay if someone found one of my moleskins…

  7. Aaron Clinger found mine. Its reward is “My undying affection.”

    He still hasn’t returned it.

  8. I always put $1,000,000 too because then every time I write, I feel like I have to make it worth a million dollars.

  9. trouble in toyland Avatar
    trouble in toyland

    ah designers… and artists i suppose… offering a reward binds you to a contract upon completion of the required obligation (in this case the return of lost notebook once found). even if a writing is required – your reward notification is considered a writing. signature – not required.

    so your next response is “i dont have a million dollars so they cannot collect”.

    incorrect, why not attach to your paycheck until you pay off the debt of 1 million dollars – even if it takes you several lifetimes.

    the point is why offer a reward you will not fulfill and obligate yourself like this. it seems quite stupid dont you think?

    (i understand that you believe your ideas and writings and whatever else is worth so much money but offering a reward that you cannot pay is simply dishonest and quite shitty).

    what if i found your notebook, would you pay me? no, but you promised…


  10. trouble in toyland Avatar
    trouble in toyland

    sorry for two posts i know that is annoying to some, but i just wanted to add one last afterthought:

    the person who offered a reward of “my undying affection” is very clever. you cannot enforce a contract for love and affection. it is unenforceable. therefore if you did not want to give your affection to the finder you dont have to.


  11. “A beer and a hug” is my regular reward!

  12. lol. I have $1,000,000.00 also (even though technically I should probably be offering ร‚ยฃร‚ยฃs, $$s sounds better when you say it aloud). I also add a ‘just kidding’ note for the contractual reasons noted above. Can’t be too careful these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. 13 zlotys