A few months ago during an intermission at the 2007 IA Summit, Christina Wodtke and Bill Wetherell accosted me in the hallway of the Las Vegas Flamingo hotel. The next thing I knew, Christina was interviewing me for a new series of Boxes and Arrows podcasts.

The 16-minute interview has just been published, and I’ve just finished listening to it. While I can barely handle hearing myself speak, I think you might find our discussion pretty interesting, especially if you want to know a little more about the challenges facing practicioners who want to head down the entrepreneur path or if you want to learn more about how Behavior came to be and what we’re up to. Enjoy!


3 responses to “My First Podcast”

  1. Chris,

    It’s fantastic how I heard you speak and so much of what you said is what I’ve been saying about our own company, and how your opinions on growth match mine. I’ve shared the podcast with the rest of the partners I’m working with so they can listen to it as well.

    It’s good to know things are going that well for you guys at Behavior. Cheers.

  2. @Fred: Thanks for the kind words, I’m happy to hear that our experiences resonate. Now I’m going to finally try out GoPlan!

  3. Do try it out and if you have any feedback (no product is a perfect product) let me know – that would be wonderful.