UPDATE 6/11: See the results of the pool, and my take on the Sopranos finale, here.

In anticipation of The Sopranos series finale this Sunday, everyone I know is making predictions about who lives, who dies, and all other kinds of plots and events. To help make the speculation even more interesting, I’ve put together this handy-dandy grid of characters and plot developments to help you keep track of how good your predictions are.


Download the Sopranos Finale Pool (33k PDF, two pages including grid and rules)

If you’d like to make all this predicting a little more interesting, I’ve also included some suggested rules that you can use if you want to turn this into a good old fashioned high-stakes office pool.

Suggested Rules

  1. Choose any number of combinations of characters (along the left side) and fates (along the top), then initial each of your predictions in the corresponding cell.
  2. Each prediction (each cell) will cost you ____ of play money.
  3. Hand in your game sheet and play money by ____ to the game administrator, ____.
  4. Winning cells will be identified by the game administrator during the final episode of the Sopranos on June 10, 2007 (ex: If Uncle Junior commits suicide, C-17 will be a winner. If Dr. Melfi has a hallucination, P-9 will be a winner). The game administrator makes the final decision regarding any plot ambiguity or dispute.
  5. There will almost certainly be multiple winners, in which case the pot is divided proportionally among the winning players according to each player’s number of correct predictions. (ex: If one player makes six correct predictions, a second makes three, and a third makes one, then the pot is divided 60/30/10% among the three winners.) The game administrator is responsible for all mathematical calculations!


Q: Where’s [missing character]?
A: Not every character is included. Whaddaya gonna do? Game administrators may, however, add additional names in the blank spaces provided along the right side of the grid (optionally, admins may also permit players to add their own characters).

Q: What about [your personal plot prediction]?
A: As above, the game administrator may add several additional plot events in the blank spaces provided along the top of the grid (and, as above, admins may extend this privilege to the players if they wish).

Q: But [character] is already dead!
A: In order to both (a) avoid spoilers for those players who may have missed a few episodes, and (b) permit flashbacks, dreams, and other alternate-reality developments to occur, a small selection of deceased characters have been scattered throughout the grid. (Predicting that a character will die who is already dead does not count as a correct prediction, smart-alec!)


19 responses to “Start Your Own Sopranos Finale Office Pool”

  1. haha, this is great 🙂 Unfortunately I’ll be out of town and will need to watch the finale later… yikes!

  2. Typically in the sopranos the penultimate episode is the one with all the action and murders, the final episode is usually more of a low-key wrap-up. Since we had plenty of big characters dying already, I predict the last episode will be more character driven.

  3. Here’s some funny odds on what will happen during the finale… I don’t see most of these predictions accounted for on your sheet!


  4. Awesome. Maybe with (a few) word changes this could become a handy project management worksheet?

  5. i am stumped! I usually can predict the ending of movings?

  6. They ain’t gonna wack me.

  7. I say Carm and Meadow die, this will jerk A.J. into his dark side to come into the family biz with Tony to live and avenge another day!

  8. teresa Avatar

    I believe the feds set this whole thing in motion.

  9. Spike Murdock Avatar
    Spike Murdock

    Tony’s gonna wake up…

  10. Tony dies. Janice takes control of “The Family” Janice and Carmella become lesbian lovers.

  11. tony has a heart attack or he drown

  12. Tony is alive, they end in a restaurant with two weird guys and one goes in the bathroom (maybe to get a gun)

  13. there has got to be another episode. that was the worst ending of any show i have ever seen. at least phil retardo go shot (then ran over) in the head

  14. very stupid ending.

  15. both families should have been wacked silvio would wake up and the real “boss” bruce springsteen would appear in his hospital room to see how he was doing.

  16. Great ending!!!!!! Can you say movie in a few years

  17. Okay, who here thought there cable went out? Show of hands.

  18. ^^^ Ack, THEIR not there.

  19. I too thought the cable went out or something was wrong with the DVR. What a let down….