4 responses to “Going Naked”

  1. I have permanently removed the protective cases from my mobile phone and my iPod, and I am now using them both au natural. Why?

    • Removing these cases reduces the size (thickness, mostly) of the devices to what seems like almost half.
    • It’s summer, and I don’t want to carry thick items in my pants pockets.
    • The devices are both over four years old and are on their last legs anyway.
    • I don’t think that portable objects need to be protected from everyday scratches and dirt. Such things add character and patina, and trying to avoid these perfectly normal effects of use by dressing them up in little leather and rubber sheaths basically fetishizes the objects to a degree that I think is a little unseemly.
  2. Excellent choice. I always thought cases for electronics was a bit like putting plastic over your couch or putting a plastic runner on the carpet in the hallway.

    Just use the stuff. Resale value? Old electronics are generally worthless anyway.

  3. Hear, hear! I love the wear on my gadgets.

  4. I’d love for all of my gadgets to go bare, but ones when screen clarity is important (re: PMP devices) — especially when the vendor has had serious issues with the problem before — stilll keep a small set of my items in basic slip or hard-shell types of cases.