2 responses to “Back from Mexico”

  1. Peggy and I just went to Mexico (for a paltry 3 whole days) to attend our friends Craig and Carina‘s fantastic wedding. The wedding was in the colonial-era town of San Miguel de Allende, where even the public bathrooms (pictured) are beautiful. It was our first trip to Mexico. Peggy and I have lived in predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhoods for almost 18 years, but neither of us really spoke a word — that is, until we crammed via language tapes (can you call them “tapes” when they’re ripped from CD onto an iPod?) and realized that (a) our knowledge of French really helps, and (b) we already know an awful lot from sheer absorption from the Spanish-language media and advertising we are constantly exposed to. Go to flickr for more pics from the trip and the wedding.

  2. Looks fun! Glad to see that you finally got a vacation 🙂