Ephemeral Digital Video Errors: The Wiz



3 responses to “Ephemeral Digital Video Errors: The Wiz”

  1. (see previous digital error)

    The Wiz is already a creepy enough movie without seeing Nipsy Russell (with a green bar over his head) digitally scrambled with Diana Ross.

  2. I was so scared I nearly cried the first time I saw a film get caught in the projector and burn. I was a kid. The film was The Gods Must Be Crazy. After my mom explained what was happening, I remember thinking how interesting it looked. I’ve only seen it happen one other time in the theater — in the late 90s. Somehow the idea that the light used to project the film is so bright and hot that it’s also capable of destroying the film remains incredibly interesting to me.

  3. raffi: That’s a great story. Movies are scary enough as it is when you’re a kid (my first movie experience was Jason and the Argonauts and it freaked me out when they opened the iron giant’s heel and an ocean of rusty blood spilled out).