Behavior Profiled by Design Interact


Behavior is the featured studio in the latest edition of Design Interact. It’s a nice short-and-sweet introduction to Behavior, showing the diversity of our work and providing a little of the feel of how we work on projects.

The profile includes some mini-interviews with me and my partners about some of the sites we’ve launched in the past year, including The Onion, ResortQuest, Odilon Redon (for the MoMA), Country Crock, and HBO.

As we approach our 5-year anniversary in a few months, and as we grow with more new faces and new clients, it’s nice to see ourselves through another set of eyes and to even feel a little proud of what we’ve accomplished.


3 responses to “Behavior Profiled by Design Interact”

  1. congrats, chris (and everyone else over there). challenging work and interesting conversations is what comes to mind when i think of the mm work from last year… okay, a little frustration as well, but that comes with the territory (not yours 😉

    happy early fifth.

  2. Big congrats on the write up! The overview of your work truly is a testament to your core beliefs and it shows that you all love what you do. Keep up the great work!