One response to “Doctor Bronner’s”

  1. I’ve long been a fan of Dr. Bronner’s soap. It seems like they’ve been bought out by a more marketing-savvy manufacturer, based on the way they talk about the good doctor on the Dr. Bronner web site now:

    While we disagree with Dr. Bronner on some idiosyncrasies in his philosophy, we revere him for his efforts to unite humanity and his exhortations to lead a more responsible life in respect to our environment and each other.

    The price of a bottle of the magic soap has seemingly quadrupled over the last ten years, but it’s still a bargain. In fact, I do appreciate one product improvement: the mystical texts on the bottle are now printed directly on the bottle instead of on the bottle’s paper wrapper. Gone are the days of watching little balls of soggy broken paper wash down the drain. All is now truly One!