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  1. sweet. though i’d nudge the “what i can control” ring over the “what other people say about me” just a spec. cause, if they leave what they say about you on your site, you can always delete it.

    you jackass.

    (test in progress 😉



  4. Sean, in order to cover the “deleting blog comments” function, maybe I need to add a 5th ring – “what other people know about what people are saying about me”.

    So far, I’ve only ever deleted comments that were obviously from spam robots. Matt, however, seems to be testing me too.

  5. Dear Chris,

    I absolutely love your website. I like how you take simple ideas (like the one above) and make them into something that forces people to think. GREAT STUFF!

    One question… (keeping in mind I am not a designer) – Are you trying to make a site that blends hand-drawn/written with online media (for instance the above sketch which you would expect to see in a notebook)? Or is this merely an experiment and voice for yourself?

    Just curious.


  6. brian Avatar

    http://www.graphpaper.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2006/05/whatiknow.jpg In this really great drawing, notice the overlaps and the exclusive or exclusionary areas. I think underneath this drawing there sits a cogent theory, and a model composed of independent and dependent, mediating and moderating variables. The variable “my web site” could be replaced by a wide variety of other ‘my ___’ variables: my project, my report, my boss, my family, my job, my reputation, my car, my management style, my disease, my significant other, my cooking style, my attitude, my resume, my writing style, my mood, my stock market picks, my style of dressing, etc. It would be an interesting exercise to pick a ‘my ___’ variable of one’s own choosing, plunk it into the drawing, state the theory, list testable hypotheses, and redraw the model variables with relationship flows. When I look at the current drawing, my reptilian brain jumps to the conclusion: ‘young male person drew this’ (there is an age and gender component to the drawing; women might draw it in a less phallic, more inclusive style) If the ‘my ___’ variable was mine, it would move or expand south and southeast (as I age, there is less I claim to know or control, and more I want to hear from others).

  7. Fancy Nancy: Thanks!! The answer is yes, I am making a visual and textual blog. I constantly draw pictures and write words, both on paper and with my computer (and I like to collect images from other places). So I felt like I needed a blog that supported all of that equally. It’s also an experiment, and yes, it’s just for me.

    brian: I noticed the phallic thing too. It was unintentional: I wrote the words first, then drew the shapes, being careful to overlap them correctly according to my specific thinking about these concepts and trying to keep the shapes fluid and quick. Most of my drawings, while usually carefully made, have a lot of pretty spontaneous aspects as well. I don’t use pencils, which prevents me from de-phallicizing my unconscious forms. Is my work very masculine? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

  8. Oliver Saunders Avatar
    Oliver Saunders

    Wow, I’m fast becoming a fan of yours Chris. This is great.

    I was going to say that usually “what I know” overlaps more with “what other people say about me” than you have depicted but then I realised I was thinking about the real world and not the web so you got it right.

    What I’m saying is that I recon the overlaps would change depending on environment. The Web is generally an environment where people consume prepaired information such as your blog in a passive fashion without replying.

  9. Actually, Oliver, you’re really close. This was inspired by my realization that by having a blog I am now able to know — and possibly control — more of what other people say about me. The green blob is like a magnet drawing the other blobs closer together.

  10. That’s a killer Venn.

    Here’s another: