6 Responses to Drinking, Talking

  1. I have a pub just like that, except it’s called Maguires. Really nice place.

    What camera are you using? I’m thinking of getting a new one, preferably with a good zoom (more than 2x optical which is what I have now), and anything over 4 megapixels – fast shutter is essential too. Shake correction would be nice as well, but not necessary.

    And a good macro mode!!

  2. Ah, that phone. Looked really good when it first came out.

    Pity I won’t be getting one. I don’t have a need for such a device.

    The iPod Touch on the other hand would be very useful, especially with Mobile Safari.

  3. Yes. Too many TVs everywhere (and usually with the wrong aspect ratio as you wrote about another time).

    I was in a hotel recently and there were TVs tucked in every corner and hanging around everywhere–not much more than a few feet from one another. There always seemed to be some important breaking news, but not really. I don’t watch TV at home, so it really stuns me when I see the junk that’s broadcast.

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