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Going through my server logs the other day, I discovered that my series of articles from last summer, User Research Smoke & Mirrors, was a required reading assignment for a User Experience Design class at the National University of Singapore, taught by Mr. Raghavendra Reddy.

In browsing the official site for the course, I was struck by the comprehensiveness of the reading lists and the depth of the course itself. Reddy’s students are required to create their own blogs, and all class assignments are to be submitted as blog posts. It is in the student blogs where I found these students to be remarkably thoughtful and insightful about interaction design and the power of good user research.

I know almost nothing about Singapore, but if this course and these students are representative of their education system, I’m duly impressed. Here’s a list of the students who reviewed my articles (the first five are my favorites):

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  1. hey congrats on being listed as a required readings:) wish the course was around when I was at the school.

    anyway have always enjoyed your articles which looks at design in a really different perspective..

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